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Analyzing the body fluids of a person is known as biochemistry. It has several other names such as medical biochemistry, clinical biochemistry and chemical pathology. Biochemistry tests include a lot of tests, but these are not similar to medicinal chemistry. Some of the biochemistry tests that are normally done in clinical chemistry laboratory are white blood cell count, haemoglobin, red blood cell count, basophils, monocytes, neutrophils and many others. Biochemistry lab services are provided by almost all the diagnostic centers. These are the basic tests that a person needs to do after every few months to make sure that he is fit in every department.

Biochemistry Labs in Hyderabad

Biochemistry tests in Hyderabad are done in numerous centers, but if you want to get it done from the most renowned center, then you should visit SL Medquest Diagnostics Center. The group of people working at this center is highly experienced and to make sure that more people come to our center, we have kept the prices of the laboratory services very low. There are various medical packages for our patients so that they can choose one according to the disease they are suffering from and get the check up done in quick time.

Biochemistry Labs Services in Hyderabad

We are proud to say that our lab services provide the most accurate results and patients can be rest assured that their test result would arrive quickly. Unlike other centers, we do not make our patients wait for a long time to obtain the result for the biochemistry test they have undergone.