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Dental OPG and CBCT

Dental OPG and CBCT

Are you suffering from tooth aches for a long time and the doctor has suggested for a dental OPG and CBCT and you are not sure what it is? Well, dental OPG and CBCT is basically an x-ray of the teeth and also the nerve pathways and soft tissues that are inside your mouth. The images are three dimensional and it helps the dentist to understand the condition of the bones and teeth in a detailed way. All the images are obtained after a single scan. A dental CBCT scan is done when the facial x-rays are not enough to understand the condition of the patient. The dental scan in CBCT allows precise treatment planning and an experienced person should be assisting the patient.

Dental OPG and CBCT Imaging in Hyderabad

There are many diagnostic centers that provide Dental imaging CBCT in Hyderabad, but SL Medquest Diagnostics Center is the one that people have always trusted. We have been in this field for a really long time and the technologists we have are the best in the business. You will be extremely comfortable when you visit us. We are known for our high quality service for dental OPG in Hyderabad. Our constant endeavor to improve the amenities and facilities for patients has helped us understand the needs and requirements of patients in a better manner. This has had a positive impact on the quality of service we provide and we assure our patients that they would not be disappointed once they visit us for any kind of test.