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Flow Cytometry

Flow Cytometry

You must have heard about various types of fluid tests. They are done to detect diseases in a patient. Flow cytometry is one such fluid test, but with a difference. It helps analyze both the chemical and physical characteristics of the fluids. The cell components that are derived from the fluids are labeled fluorescently and then check under a laser light that has varying wave lengths. The fluids are fluorescently labeled to understand the individual properties of single particles. Flow cytometry test is often done to diagnose patients with blood cancer. But, it also has numerous applications in various researches as well.

Flow Cytometry test in Hyderabad

Flow cytometry is generally quite expensive, but if you are at SL Medquest Diagnostics Center, the same could be done at a reasonable low price. In fact, all the tests that are performed here are done a reduced rate so that patients can save some money for their future treatment. Our main motto is to serve patients first and then think about making a profit. We have been considered the best for flow cytometry test in Hyderabad and this has not come as a surprise because of the way we treat our patients. In addition to this test, we also have a variety of other laboratory services. You can visit us any time you want and get a brochure of the services and tests that are done here. We also have special medical packages for our patients so that they can get a number of tests done at quite a lot price.