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Paediatric Echo

Paediatric Echo

It is sad to hear that infants and little children having congenital heart disease. But, there is nothing you can do. To make sure that things do not get worse, it is important to get a paediatric echo done as soon as possible. In paediatric echocardiography, ultrasound waves are used to get images of the patient’s heart. After the entire paediatric echo test is done, the pediatric cardiologist analyses the results to understand the stage of the patient’s heart condition so that he can diagnose better. The test can be performed on newborns and fetuses and also on children of different ages.

Paediatric Echocardiography in Hyderabad

Paediatric echo is highly beneficial to diagnose cardiac problems and also guide a surgeon during complex cardiac catheterizations and heart surgeries. The paediatric echocardiography is quite an expensive test and should be done from a diagnostic center that has the latest equipments and an experienced technologist. SL Medquest Diagnostics Center is one reliable center where you can go for paediatric echo in Hyderabad. We have a team of highly experienced staff and technologists who will make sure that your child does not face any problem before, during or after the test. One of the reasons why we are so popular in Hyderabad is because of the low price of the tests. This has been possible because of our generosity as we understand the huge cost that is involved in heart related issues. You can come to us any time you want and we have special medical packages for you.