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Video Endoscopy

Video Endoscopy

There are many patients who have issues with their gastrointestinal tract. The best thing to do for them would be to go for a video endoscopy test. It is also known as capsule endoscopy. In this test, the patient’s gastrointestinal tract is check which includes the three important parts of the small intestine namely ileum, jejunum and duodenum. You will be told to swallow a pill sized camera that will go down your small intestine and take pictures while it passes through it. There is no need for any light because the camera has an in-built light source. You will also be told to wear a recording device on your body which will capture the images that the camera takes.

Video Endoscopy Test in Hyderabad

Not many diagnostic centers perform video endoscopy, but SL Medquest Diagnostics Center is one of the rare ones that does. It is the only center for video endoscopy in Hyderabad and it provides the service at a really low price. We understand that swallowing a pill sized camera may seem to be weird and that is why we prepare our patients before this test. Our team is highly experienced and would take every precaution so that you do not feel uncomfortable during the test. Our video endoscopy test in Hyderabad is highly rated by our patients. In addition to having the most advanced equipments, the cost of performing this test is also low at our center. This is another reason why people prefer the video endoscopy to us than any other center in Hyderabad.